We opened our manicure and pedicure salon in November 2016. Our skilled stuff are waiting to meet your needs, to turn your nails healthy and beautiful.

Quality is really important for us, therefore we are using OPI products which are one of the top brands in the world. Please take a look at our wide range of services.

In addition to quality we pay special attention to health and hygiene conditions, to fully meet your expectations.

For our pedicure services we use disposable soaking bags, special paper towels and disposable blades.




Our hands need constant care to keep them nice and soft. We strive, to provide the best service as possible, using the best materials. You can chose our spa manicure, which includes in addition to the basic service a hand soak treatment, a hand scrub, and a relaxing hand massage.


In addition to hand care it is important to highlight the importance of foot care. It is really important in the aspect of health, not just aesthetic wise. The winter- and summer period also has its peculiarities. While during summer the removal of calluses and the beauty of the nails are the most important, during winter because of closed shoes painful corn can appear. It is recommended to prevent problems and systematically cultivate our feet. In our salon it is very important to ensure proper sanitary conditions are very important, for this reason we use disposable single-use equipment.